Baptism & everything that goes with it

Anyone who thinks a baptism is just a visit to church and a party hasn't really been to one. Its a big day for the parents, god-parents, and an emotional one for the children involved. There's a lot that goes into the day and its emotional for everyone involved.

Alison, Paul & Ryan

Alison & Paul felt Ryan would be more at ease in the comfort of their own home. with some of the more formal images out of the way, it was evident the best expressions were going to be in a local park.

Mia Mia & Didgeridoos

Mia Mia is an Aboriginal Art Gallery located in Westerfolds Park, Templestowe.  Aside from an amazing display of art and a great café, the gallery promotes  cultural education and is active in the community. These images are a regular gathering of musicians known as the didgeridoo circle.

Family Portrait

Family portraits are an endeavour to portray people as themselves. Being able to relate to people and create a relaxed, fun environment is a huge part of my job. In a studio environment, the lights and other technical aspects can be set in waiting for the camera to be used. With everything set, all I need to do is concentrate on having a great time

Just weeks old

Nate is just weeks old, yet has every expression to offer - and noise - in a very short time frame. We started this session whilst he was asleep, got a few different aspects whilst waking up, and finished when he decided it was feeding time. As usual, my thanks go to the very loving and patient parents for their help and calmness.

Studio Stuff

90% of my work is on location, but for some portraits, nothing beats a studio.

Bill Larkin – Freeman of Manningham

Saturday the 13 of August was a huge night in the City of Manningham as Bill Larkin was awarded the title of "Freeman". Being a Freeman is the highest honor that can be given to anyone by the council. With the Manningham Centre filled to capacity, it was a fitting award for someone who has devoted his life to the community.

Baby Nathan

With only 30 minutes sleep the previous night, a photo shoot would hardly be the ideal way to start the day ! Great thing about photographing in the family home is simply allowing things to happen and identifying beautiful images as and when they occur. With newborns, it's all about the expressions they give you at any moment of the day. If you

Zak, Jake & Tyler

Cold mornings and childrens portraits don't seem to be a good least on the surface. Sometimes its better to plan a portrait session in the comfort of the family home, allow the kids their own space and time, then work with them in an unobtrusive way. Being able to play is a key ingredient in getting images that look natural.

Pregnant, and loving it !

Dear Peter, I can’t stop looking at the photos you took yesterday. I LOVE THEM SSSSSOOOOOOOO much. You’ve given me a tough choice now. Which one to blow up and put on the wall. And the thing is they work both in colour or in black and white, as if it wasn’t bad enough that you’ve made the decision hard because I love them, but

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