Shooting from the Heart

Some events are just plain fun Regardless, theres always a lot going on and its the interactions, expressions and characters I'm looking for.

40 minutes in the park

Try telling 5 kids that a family portrait will be fun ! We started by grabbing a footy & basketball and headed for the local park. Around 40 minutes later we were walking back to their home without a single complaint. That's how it should be...Fun !

Hot day in the shade

A blistering hot day saw us take refuge in the shade of large trees at Westerfolds Park, Templestowe. Being a family is all about being in the best possible place and enjoying !

Updating portfolio

Lisa wanted a few extra pics to update her modelling portfolio We placed emphasis not just on the posing, but also the moodiness she wanted to create

Maria – Who I am

Maria simply wanted an elegant portrait for her children to remember her in the future. After a brief chat and a walk around her house, I discovered she loved to read and sew. When we look back at photographs, it's the images that tell us 'who we are' that become the most important.

New to the world

Babies are always great fun to photograph and at times unpredictable. Babies seem to have a timetable of their own, so patience is always needed. Whilst the photography shown here was completed in an hour, most of the time was spent allowing mother and child to feel the occasion was just a normal routine. Perhaps that's why I spent the first part of the shoot

Sam’s part of the family

Enjoying walks in the park with their Labrador dog 'Sam' is how they want to remember being a family. Being in an already familiar environment, rather than a studio, makes family portraiture much more pleasant and natural.

Anna goes to Rocky Horror

Going to the Rocky Horror stage show was more than sitting in the audience - it was an experience. After getting into character, it was time for a quick photo shoot to mark the occasion

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