At many weddings, children of the bridal couple, or friends, are involved in the formalities. Of course there’s always questions about how they’ll react for the photographs and what to expect.

With all children, expect the unexpected and allow them to be kids !

When taking photographs I generally take my opportunities as and when they occur. The best shots of children are not standing straight in a group, but interacting with others. Sometimes they’ll be playing with other kids and other times they’ll part of something silly with the bridal party. Many times children are emotional in the strange surroundings, clothes and crowds. These are the times that a hug from mum or dad and a soft word work so much better than a firm hand. I’ve been to many a wedding where a little one is in the brides arms during the vows. During these time, the smiles and tears from family and friends say it all

I often spend more time waiting for a moment to occur with children, and it is so worthwhile !