Elevated Photography

Our Standard gear gives you elevated perspectives from almost anywhere - the back garden, a side path, behind the pool and more. Ideally suited to Real Estate, our gear is carried in the back of a car and can be brought out whenever needed to ensure the best perspective. The vast majority of properties don't benefit from super high shots showing the entire property title

Upholstery One – Marty Teare

I've never met a person as passionate about upholstery as Marty. He was excited about every aspect of his business - I was educated in everything from fabrics to stainless steel screws. Martys favourite image is him stitching two pieces of leather - he said it speaks volumes about the craftsmanship he puts into every piece

Greg Morris – Jeweller

Greg is a third generation jeweller working in the traditional ways passed on by his father and grandfather. One part of his business pictured here is the melting and stamping of gold bullion.

Victorian Diamond Traders

Victorian Diamond Traders in Greensborough Plaza are in the process of rebuilding their website. Following on from images to visually describe the business, we set time aside to capture individual items for their online cart to display specific pieces.

Melbourne Dance Theatre – Giselle

I've been wanting to photograph a live performance for some time. The chance to photograph a performance of Giselle with such incredible principals was amazing.

Grain Timber Furniture

All too often the furniture we buy is cheaply imported and of dubious quality. The untrained eye finds it difficult to distinguish a piece that will last. When I photographed Jonathan's furniture, I asked to see how it was made & learned lots about good old-fashioned craftsmanship and a genuine passion for everything timber.

Manningham Mayor – Geoff Gough

Each year I have he privilege of photographing our local mayor to update their portrait gallery at the council offices.

Tidal Waive

Marketing, Sales & distribution company Waive Star is also the owner of popular Names Hotfrog and Tidal Waive. This promotional shoot, showing their premises and staff was done on location at the corporate head office in Preston.

Grated Cheese

OK so heres the challenge - take two 5kg bags of grated cheese and photograph them for sale to large pizza makers.

Melbourne Dance Theatre

Studion rehearsal for Giselle to be performed at the Darebin Arts Centre

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