Portrait Workshop

Theres nothing more gratifying than to pass on a bit of information to help someone. At a recent wedding, Sam and Allie, of Inglewood Receptions, expressed an interest in being able to take better photographs, so we decided to make a mini-workshop out of it. Starting with the basics of camera operation, aperture & shutter speed, we moved onto "feeling the light" and

36 Weeks

I always feel privileged when asked to pregnancy photography. This is one of the most beautiful times in a womans life as she embarks on the journey of motherhood. as with all such assignments, we come up with various ideas and ask that a friend comes along to assist with the shoot

Virginia – Jazz & Blues

Virginia sings Jazz and Blues at various venues and on ocean cruises. With a web presence, Virginia wanted some new profile images

Greg Revell

Greg is a coach with Intrinsic Success. If you have a business that you really want to take off, call Intrinsic Success

Charry Peter & Kirk

Several years ago I photographed Charry & Peter's wedding. Now with a young family it was time to update the family album

Greg Mills – Composer

Greg Mills really hasn't stopped since the days of Young Talent Time. Now a composer and many other things aside, Greg is forging ahead with his musical career and assisting other young musicians

Family Portrait

Family portraits are an endeavour to portray people as themselves. Being able to relate to people and create a relaxed, fun environment is a huge part of my job. In a studio environment, the lights and other technical aspects can be set in waiting for the camera to be used. With everything set, all I need to do is concentrate on having a great time

Just weeks old

Nate is just weeks old, yet has every expression to offer - and noise - in a very short time frame. We started this session whilst he was asleep, got a few different aspects whilst waking up, and finished when he decided it was feeding time. As usual, my thanks go to the very loving and patient parents for their help and calmness.

Studio Stuff

90% of my work is on location, but for some portraits, nothing beats a studio.

Zak, Jake & Tyler

Cold mornings and childrens portraits don't seem to be a good combination...at least on the surface. Sometimes its better to plan a portrait session in the comfort of the family home, allow the kids their own space and time, then work with them in an unobtrusive way. Being able to play is a key ingredient in getting images that look natural.

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