Timing & an Emergency Kit

Your enjoyment is largely dependent on timing. As photographers, a lot of our discussion with you centres around timing. Once we know what you would like to do, where you're going, and your personal preferences, we will map out a rough timetable for you to work with. There are considerations such as traffic congestions, distance to travel, time spent at locations, how much "chill out"

Can My Friends Take Photos Too ?

We've all heard stories about friends being told to stay away from the photographer. All too often the reasons given are just excuses. It's your wedding ! If your friends want to follow us around, then encourage them. At many weddings and enthusiastic friend has followed on and the photoshoot has also been a training session. Others just want a few images for their own

Rain Rain Go Away

"What do we do if it rains ??" Of course it's a concern, everyone wants the day to be perfect. 2010 has been the best year to test any and all solutions for rain - it's been the wettest year for over a decade. The best solutions are always the simplest - Get inside, get under an umbrella or get a bit wet ! I

Shoot and Burn: the good, the bad and the ugly

What is Shoot and Burn? Why "cheap" may not mean "cheaper"... Weekend photographers will often shoot a wedding, burn it to CD and pocket a few hundred dollars. Nice money on the side for not much work, but are you really getting value  ? Now I'm not denying that people have the right to ask for a CD, heaven knows the wedding and portrait markets

Albums – Should I DIY it ?

Logon, upload, move the pictures around, when happy press confirm and wait for album to come in mail. It could be that easy, and for some memories it'll do just fine. When it comes to significant occasions, most people want to 're-live', not just 'remember'. Professionally designed album pages tell a story, make you look twice or evoke some sort of emotion

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