Your enjoyment is largely dependent on timing.

As photographers, a lot of our discussion with you centres around timing.

Once we know what you would like to do, where you’re going, and your personal preferences, we will map out a rough timetable for you to work with.

There are considerations such as traffic congestions, distance to travel, time spent at locations, how much “chill out” time you want and how much usable light will be left at the end of the day.

As photographers, we would love to spend as much time as possible capturing your day with the greatest variety. However, we are also aware that you are planning a social event that involves, your friends, catering, a celebrant, and so on.

The last thing you want is to run horribly late.

Reception centres organise their chefs to have your meal hot and ready at a particular time. Some celebrants conduct several weddings a day and may rush the ceremony if you’re late. Hire car companies will commonly have multiple jobs.

A well conceived plan around realistic timing is a prime consideration.

Make an emergency kit

Before you leave home, your hairdresser, make-up artist and bridal party will ensure you are perfect. Once you step out of the house, make sure you have someone carry some emergency items for touch ups, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Some items you may consider carrying are:

mobile numbers of your suppliers pre-programmed into a phone, wipes, headache tablets, party feet, sewing kit, small towel, nail glue, nail tips, hand lotion, spare earring backs, bobby pins, french pins, static guard, scissors, safety pins, straight pins, double sided tape (for dropped hems), stain remover pen, lipstick, gloss and other make-up items.