The Right Perspective

Vendors want to show the right perspective to get the phone ringing. Purchasers want to imagine themselves in the home before they reach for a phone.

Showing the best features means we don’t limit the number of images taken or provided. With our ‘take anywhere’ standard gear enabling views from up to 7 meters, the best perspectives are always possible.

Of course every image will be enhanced, skies blued up, and so on. My aim is to put the purchaser in the house from the best perspective before they inspect.

With vendors taking time out of a busy schedule, being on time, courteous, efficient, and having an eye for distracting items is a high priority.

Agents also have deadlines and pressures to get the images published and online as soon as possible. For this reason, image files in the formats you request, are enhanced and returned, usually the same day or following morning.

To find out more about getting the right perspective on every property, call Peter on 0409 947618 for an obligation free discussion