The Commune

We all give our best work when we're 'In the moment'. It's a time when all the technical stuff simply happens on auto pilot and we ejoy the experience of our artistic expression. This jazz quintet with special guest Wilbur Wilde was not a job, but simply my personal memory of five incredibly talented musicians who give their all whilst being immersed in the moment

Images of Tonimbuk

Textures at Jinks Creek Winery in the Bunyip State Forest

Yarra Valley & NYE

Shot late in the evening, I was taken by the movement created created by winds in the valley. New Years images reflect a quieter time atop a hill in Kangaroo ground observing the many celebrations across the breadth of Melbourne

Mia Mia & Didgeridoos

Mia Mia is an Aboriginal Art Gallery located in Westerfolds Park, Templestowe.  Aside from an amazing display of art and a great café, the gallery promotes  cultural education and is active in the community. These images are a regular gathering of musicians known as the didgeridoo circle.

Stuff I Like

I'm often asked what sort of photographic stuff I do for myself.I tend to find things just about anywhere and photograph almost anything that takes my interest. I love to challenge myself to look at things differently and place some sort of personal interpretation on it. Sometimes it can be explained, but many times it's just what makes me feel good. The following images are

Melbourne Stuff

Surrounded by the ordinary, we are unable to see how it is strange. So many times we walk or drive somewhere without ever seeing how beautiful everything is. Going on holidays becomes refreshing when we get out of a routine and see for the first time things that different. Last night I imagined seeing my own city for the first time, recording just a few


I love these shots. They epitomize what I look for on every assignment - the feelings and character of those involved.

Assignments versus Personal Work

Sometimes the line between assignments and personal work becomes blurred. At a wedding in the Yarra Valley I was taken by some 'moments' during the ceremony and later by the atmosphere created by storm clouds.

Black Saturday

Being evacuated from a wedding in Dixons Creek and spending a smoke filled night in Yea was simply uncomfortable. What stays with me is the sense that everything has changed. Everyones emotions are on display as people react to a new reality. I did not document those emotions on purpose, considering them part of something private.

Patterns and the Night

I've had mixed reactions to some of this work. Photographers are taught right and wrong ways to operate their equipment. These are some moments when the rules are broken and then further worked on.

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