“What do we do if it rains ??”

Of course it’s a concern, everyone wants the day to be perfect.

2010 has been the best year to test any and all solutions for rain – it’s been the wettest year for over a decade.

The best solutions are always the simplest – Get inside, get under an umbrella or get a bit wet ! I don’t mean for that to sound flippant, but your best plan is to have a back up location, a great sense of humour, be prepared to change direction and don’t be too precious about a little water.

Where you go on the wedding day should be a reflection of what you enjoy doing with your bridal party. Have a think about where you would go to enjoy yourselves on a rainy day. If you like cafes, hotels, wine bars etc, then you’ve just picked a few locations. If you really want to walk through a park, then accept a little water may get on your feet.

As a photographer, I’m used to getting wet, and my job is to create images of you enjoying yourselves. If it means I need a towel later, then so be it !